Federal officers clash with protesters in Portland as US attorney calls for investigation

first_imgMason Trinca/Getty ImagesBY: QUINN OWEN, LUKE BARR AND JAKE DATE, ABC NEWS(PORTLAND, Ore.) — The U.S. attorney in Oregon has requested an investigation of federal law enforcement agents following recent clashes between federal agents and demonstrators protesting police brutality in Portland.The request comes in the wake of threats by President Donald Trump to override local authorities in cities he described as “war zones” run by “liberal left-wing Democrats.” The agents deployed in Portland this week were part of a Department of Homeland Security task force established to respond to the growing protests and acts of civil disobedience that came after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.“They just want to destroy our country,” Trump said Thursday. “We’re not going to let it happen. We’re not letting it happen.”Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, took to Twitter early Friday to accuse Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler of having “encouraged and aided” violence in his own city after Wheeler called for an end to the administration’s “heightened troop presence.” The “coordinated strategy” from @POTUS is to bring law enforcement to bear on criminal violence. The “tense situation” is the over 40 days of violence @Tedwheeler has encouraged and aided by handicapping the police and praising the violent criminals. https://t.co/NmhSmcAVTn— Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli (@HomelandKen) July 17, 2020Wheeler doubled down in a press conference Friday afternoon asking for Trump to remove the troops: “Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city.”Cuccinelli told “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning the agency is prepared to send more federal agents “to places like Portland,” even without a request from local authorities. Certain DHS agents typically protect federal buildings, like courthouses, where Cuccinelli said the department may need to surge personnel.He went on to suggest that local officials have directly enabled violent protesters.“This is not just random where these violent rioters go,” he said. “And it’s probably not a coincidence that the local government is willing to let them attack the federal government because they support them.”The Homeland Security Office of Inspector General has already launched one inquiry into possible misuse of force by federal agents after reports surfaced last week that a demonstrator had been shot in the head with a nonlethal munition.A video circulated widely online this week showed agents pulling up to arrest a demonstrator in what appeared to be an unmarked van. They were later identified as Border Patrol agents operating as part of an extended federal mandate by the Trump administration to crack down on contentious protests.“Based on news accounts circulating that allege federal law enforcement detained two protestors without probable cause, I have requested the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General to open a separate investigation directed specifically at the actions of DHS personnel,” U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said in a statement.Customs and Border Protection said the person seen taken into custody in the viral video was suspected of a prior crime.“[CBP] agents had information indicating the person in the video was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property,” CBP spokesperson Stephanie Malin said in a statement.The person who was detained was questioned and let go with no charges filed, according to a CBP official.Jann Carson with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon called the incident a “kidnapping.”“What is happening now in Portland should concern everyone in the United States,” Carson said in a statement. “Usually when we see people in unmarked cars forcibly grab someone off the street we call it kidnapping.”ACLU lawyers said they would attempt to secure a restraining order against federal law enforcement responding to demonstrations. If granted, the order would prevent federal authorities from removing journalists or legal observers from protest areas.“It has not shocked us, but there’s been a shameful response by law enforcement in both Portland and across the country engaged in a backlash against these protests,” said Oregon ACLU’s Kelly Simon.The lawyer’s complaint aims to build on a similar order requiring Portland police to have probable cause of a committed crime before arresting or using force against protest observers and journalists.When federal agents are deployed outside their normal duties, CBP generally refrains from disclosing specifics about how many are sent to each area.“Personnel deployed have specialized training for operations in chaotic environments such as the ones we have recently faced across the country,” a CBP spokesperson said in a statement.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Johan Sjostrand ended season due Malta fever

first_imgShareTweetShareShareEmailComments Swedish goalie Johan Sjostrand (29) will think on the most important thing in life of one person – health, in the upcoming weeks and months. According to Kieler Nachrichten, THW Kiel goalkeeper suffering from Maltesian fever, which will keep him out of the handball for a while – until end of the season, that is for sure:He got illnes during World Championship 2015 in Qatar after eating goat cheese.– I lost my muscles in the moment. Right now, even climbing on the stairs is workout for me – said Sjostrand.Swedish goalie will join MT Melsungen from the next season. This means that he finished his era with THW Kiel.THW Kiel signed Steiner Ege to reinforce the roster after injuries of Sjostrand and Palicka… SG Flensburg beat THW Kiel in German derby THW Kiel with +5 from Szeged Recommended for you Harald Reinkind to stay at THW Kiel ShareTweetShareShareEmailcenter_img 1 Comment Related Items:Johan Sjostrand, THW Kiel Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pingback: Anonymous 1 Comment last_img read more

Futureproofing CCTV on coaches and buses

first_imgAs an industry that is committed to passenger safety and comfort, coach and bus surveillance technology requirements have evolved dramatically.A key consideration for operators should be in changes in the technology environment which require flexible and scalable solutions. By installing a hybrid digital video recorder (DVR), such as Synectics’ T1600, operators can gradually and cost-effectively make the move from analogue to IP, without the need to sacrifice existing CCTV systems.Flexible solutions using high definition (HD) IP cameras capture a wider field of vision and can record footage at up to 1080p – a much higher quality, saving operators money in fines and compensation, whilst providing an unbeatable training tool.Adopting an integrated management platform such as Synergy 3, not only enables operators to monitor and review video footage, telematics and CANBus data, but it also gives them a new level of flexibility and technical capability of transitioning into IP – as and when budget and need dictate.last_img read more

PROFILE – Dutch wiz-kid: Jan Peter Balkenende

first_imgGermany’s image-conscious Chancellor Gerhard Schröder would probably take out an injunction against any paper that dared suggest a resemblance between himself and JK Rowling’s fictional hero. And Tony Blair would probably claim that his only connection to HP is his ability to weave political magic and indulge in a spot of financial wizardry.Dutch prime minister-in-waiting Jan Peter Balkenende takes an altogether more relaxed view about his striking resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who plays Potter on-screen.Shortly before the recent election campaign in the Netherlands, Balkenende was shopping in his local supermarket when a youngster pointed at the Christian Democrat (CDA) leader and told his mum: “Look, there’s Harry Potter’s dad!” A devout Calvinist from a young age, he has spent most of his adult life teaching Christian philosophy, writing reports for the Christian Democrats’ research institute and sitting on the boards of various church organisations.Balkenende’s deep-seated faith is likely to filter through to the policy domain.Few expect him to repeal the Netherlands’ progressive approach to soft drugs, mercy killings or homosexuality, but the victory of the centre-right will almost certainly put an end to any more social experimentation.Fortuyn once dismissed the married father of one as “much too young and inexperienced to lead a government”.The Christian Democrat leader might lack ministerial experience, but even that is not such a bad thing in a country whose elitist political class is despised for carving up jobs among themselves and ignoring everyday concerns such as crime, education and healthcare.In the few moments of relaxation Balkenende allows himself, he likes to ski, listen to Canadian crooner Celine Dion and watch Formula One motor racing. This might not sound like the sort of person to set Dutch politics on fire, but it is precisely Balkenende’s unpretentious, up-front ordinariness that has endeared him to Dutch voters exhausted by the political revolution this famously consensus-driven society has undergone during the past months. “We are facing a period when we need a vision of Dutch society and Jan Peter has one.“He wants to put people in the middle of decision-making and give them responsibility again.”With his provincial bank manager’s appearance, Balkenende looks and acts like a man you would trust to give you honest advice on a mortgage.“Dull but 200% reliable,” is how one newspaper memorably described him.Like most successful politicians, he is also a self-confessed workaholic. “He is blessed with enormous drive,” says party official Ceese van der Knaap. “He can work from eight in the morning until three at night every day.”Balkenende’s Protestant work ethic is hardly surprising given his religious roots. Instead of changing his round glasses for something more professional-looking or styling his schoolboy fringe into something more grown up, Balkenende opted to make political capital out of his likeness to the star of the smash-hit movie.During the recent election campaign, he posed with a photograph of himself and Radcliffe in front of a classroom blackboard. “Spot the difference,” said the caption.The tactic seems to have worked.In last week’s general election, Balkenende’s centre-right party, which has been out of power for eight years, chalked up a stunning victory over the ‘Purple Coalition’ of Liberals and Socialists.It also trounced the populist party of murdered politician Pim Fortuyn, which many political commentators predicted would top the 15 May poll.In by far the Netherlands’ most dramatic election result in recent history, Balkenende watched astonished as his party took 43 seats in the 150-member lower chamber of Parliament. His Socialist rivals, who have presided over a period of high growth and low unemployment, saw their representation in Parliament almost halved from 45 to 23 seats, putting them in joint fourth place with the VVD Liberals.Although a coalition government could take months to form, it is all but certain that Jan Peter Balkenende will head it. His only dilemma is whether to bring the 26 elected members of List Pim Fortuyn into a right-wing government.During the campaign, the CDA chief abstained from demonising the anti-immigrant Fortuyn and refused to rule out working with him in government.On the face of it, the two possible coalition partners seemed like chalk and cheese. In the one corner was the flamboyant, openly gay political novice Fortuyn who appealed to voters because of his straight-talking style, his infectious charisma and his willingness to talk about taboo subjects such as immigration and multiculturalism.In the other was Balkenende, a Christian philosophy lecturer who takes a dim view of euthanasia, cannabis cafes and same-sex marriages – all of which are legal in the Netherlands – and is rarely to be seen in anything other than dark suits and blue and green party ties.However, Balkenende’s views on immigration are not so different from those of the slain former sociology professor. The Christian Democrats do not say that ‘Holland is full’ but it is clear that any new immigration will be strictly controlled.center_img the Christian Democrats on issues such as crime and immigration.Balkenende’s tactic was to lay low, work hard behind the scenes and rely on Dutch voters to channel their dissatisfaction with the centre-left government into the mainstream CDA rather than Fortuyn’s maverick party.On polling day, Dutch voters took a ‘better the devil you know’ approach to politics and opted for the party that has been in power for all but eight of the last 60 years.Says CDA spokesman Hans van der Vlees: “People who voted emotionally voted for the List Pim Fortuyn; people who voted rationally voted for us.”It was a result that came as a shock to commentators who had predicted the tightest Dutch election in a generation, but it came as no surprise to Balkenende’s backers.Van der Vlees says that after eight years of Socialist rule, voters were looking for a leader with fresh ideas. If Balkenende has his way, immigrants will have to learn the national anthem by heart, take language and culture classes and pay a deposit for their spouses to enter the Netherlands.Like Fortuyn, the CDA leader is also lukewarm about a ‘big bang’ enlargement of the EU to take in ten of the countries queuing to join the Union, although on most other European issues the Dutch government’s position is unlikely to change.The next weeks and months of coalition-forming will reveal whether Balkenende is a wizard capable of casting spells over his political opponents or a sorcerer’s apprentice, with no more than a couple of card tricks up his sleeve. One thing is certain – Balkenende has a very steep learning curve ahead of him.The grain-trader’s son from Zeeland has only been in Parliament since 1998 and became head of his party just seven months ago.Initially, the omens did not look good for the new CDA chief. The party, which Balkenende once remarked had been in power longer than the Soviet Communists, was heading for its third defeat in a row.The centre party’s headache was compounded by the arrival of brash newcomer Fortuyn, who outflanked No wonder both he and the Dutch public are so tickled by the comparisons with Harry Potter.last_img read more

Book Review: Preachers of Hate: The Rise of the Far Right

first_imgOne of them, Jörg Haider, hails from Austria, where Angus Roxburgh’s exploration of extremism begins. In the accessible style you’d expect from a top journalist (Roxburgh is the BBC’s Europe correspondent), he traces how the son of Nazi parents skillfully exploited public unease at cronyism in the country’s public service to emerge as leader of the second most powerful party in the 1999 election.Haider is just one of the many far-right leaders profiled here. There are juicy morsels about Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front, Filip de Winter, head of Flemish Vlaams Blok and Italy’s Northern League chief Umberto Bossi. There is a riveting portrait too of Pim Fortuyn, the murdered dandy who sought to make Islamophobia respectable in the Netherlands.But the most fascinating sections of the book contain Roxburgh’s analysis of how extremists have set the agenda for ‘moderate’ EU policymakers. The sole deficiency I spotted was an unconvincing assertion that the Danish People’s Party is less extreme than some of its far-right counterparts in other EU states. It is hard to see how that is the case when DPP chief Pia Kjaersgaard has made outrageous claims about Muslims having a penchant for gang rape and used patently racist posters as campaign tools.last_img read more

Jo Swinson steps down as UK Lib Dem leader

first_imgLONDON — Jo Swinson quit as leader of the Liberal Democrats after a dismal performance in the U.K. general election in which she lost her own seat.The former MP for East Dunbartonshire, north of Glasgow in Scotland, said the election result was “hugely disappointing.” Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have won the biggest majority for the party since 1987, with around 43 percent of the vote.Swinson had no option but to stand down because party rules dictate that the leader must be an MP. Deputy Lib Dem leader Ed Davey and President Sal Brinton will become the joint acting leaders of the anti-Brexit party until a leadership contest is concluded. “I am proud that in this campaign, the Liberal Democrats have stood up for openness, generosity and hope. We were honest about what we believe in and what we were trying to achieve,” Swinson said.Brinton added: “In the weeks ahead we will elect a new leader and our party will continue to be the rallying point for anyone who believes in a country where everyone has the chance to get on in life.”The Lib Dems are on course to win 12 seats at the election — the same number as they won in 2017. Johnson is on course to win a majority of 80.last_img read more

Steve Kimock Plans Five-Night Residency

first_imgGuitarist Steve Kimock has announced an extended residency at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, CA. The renowned musician will be performing from June 5-7, 9 and 10, with tickets on sale beginning next Wednesday, April 29th at 9 AM Pacific.Details about the five nights are scarce, but we’ll be sure to update once we know who Kimock is performing with.last_img

Pennsylvania Paramedic Fights for His Own Life

first_imgALLENTOWN, Pa. (WFMZ) — A Pennsylvania paramedic is in the hospital with a severe brain bleed, fighting for his life. On a day off in June, he fell down a flight of stairs at home. He’s unable to communicate or breathe on his own.last_img

Activist for World Peace, Nassiri, records children all over the world singing, “Love Sees No Color”

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore“In an effort to promote worldwide peace and healing through music, Nassiri is currently preparing to film a music video in several countries around the world. The music video will feature Nassiri with children singing the chorus of his “Love Sees No Color” song in their native languages. A unique performer with a positive message, Nassiri is dedicated to spreading love, peace, understanding and unity through music. The focus of Nassiri’s mission is peace.”See his website for more info: www.nassiri.comAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Student body president delivers State of the Student Union Address

first_imgWith student government turnover on the horizon, student body president senior Gates McGavick reflected on his administration’s accomplishments in a State of the Student Union address Wednesday evening in the LaFortune Ballroom.In an effort to promote student government transparency and student body engagement, McGavick and student body vice president senior Corey Gayheart opened the event to the public for the first time.McGavick opened by noting improved student government accessibility as a particular focus of his administration. To encourage greater student body engagement, McGavick said he, Gayheart and chief of staff senior Briana Tucker met with groups around campus once a week over lunch.“It quickly became the favorite part of our week,” McGavick said. “We feel it’s important that student government’s connected to more of its students.”The administration also pushed for a greater presence on social media, he added.“We posted more frequently on every platform than any previous administration in Notre Dame’s history,” he said.McGavick said these efforts, as well as his team’s commitment to live streaming student senate and other public meetings, have made strides in improving student government’s online visibility.“More student are getting information from student government than ever before,” he said. “More students are interacting with student government online than ever before.”The McGavick-Gayheart administration also collaborated with the University on several of their initiatives this year, McGavick said.The team worked closely with Campus Dining to make changes at the dining halls as well as at retail dining locations. Most notably, McGavick said, their work with Campus Dining helped bring Pizza Pi, a new restaurant expected to open in May, to campus.“We were thrilled to work with [Campus Dining director Chris Abayasinghe] on Pizza Pi, the restaurant replacing Reckers in the spring, which will offer alcohol to students over 21,” McGavick said.Partnering with the Notre Dame Police Department, student government also held its first Campus Safety Summit last fall, where students were able to speak with a panel of campus safety representatives. McGavick said student government plans to host a similar event later this semester.McGavick said he considers promoting diversity on campus to be another one of his administration’s greatest accomplishments. The Diversity Council helped to organize and co-sponsor a number of events promoting multiculturalism and inclusion, including Walk the Walk Week and Race Relations Week, he said. He and Gayheart also recently met with the Board of Trustees to discuss the results of the Inclusive Campus Climate Survey, he added.“We believe it is of utmost importance that Notre Dame be … committed to fostering a more diverse, more inclusive culture,” he said.Moving on, McGavick commended student senate for its work this year, which he said passed a number of significant resolutions.“The senate recently passed a resolution recognizing Notre Dame as being built on Potawatomi land,” he said. The resolution was “an important sign of respect” to the Potawatomi people, McGavick added.Senate also passed a resolution to include a module on sustainability in the Moreau First Year Experience as well as a resolution calling for professors to include mental health resources in their syllabi.“Students who need help, especially those who have just arrived at college, should be able to get it,” McGavick said.McGavick said he was especially proud of his administration’s “fiscal prudence.”“Our budget this year was tens of thousands of dollars lower than the last student governments’ budgets,” he said.He also noted his team’s commitment to political neutrality, particularly their policy to not comment on national political events not directly related to the University, encouraging future administrations to do the same.“A partisan student government is inherently liable to value the opinions of some students over others,” he said. “To avoid this unfair outcome, we believe it is absolutely imperative that student government continue to be an apolitical organization.”Despite this, McGavick said he felt it was important for his administration to take a stance against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was accused of sexual abuse last June and officially defrocked by the Vatican via a canonical trial in February.Since allegations against McCarrick surfaced, several members of the Notre Dame community urged the University to revoke the honorary degree awarded to him in 2008. Student government joined those voices in February with an Observer Letter to the Editor calling for the removal of the degree and holding meetings with Campus Ministry and other University organizations on the matter, McGavick said.Though the University revoked the degree following the results of the canonical trial, McGavick criticized it for not acting sooner. If the University is to celebrate its past as a moral leader, McGavick said, it must continue to act in accordance with its Catholic mission.“Our moral victories cannot exist only in the past,” he said.McGavick and Gayheart’s term will end April 1, when president and vice-president elect junior Elizabeth Boyle and sophomore Patrick McGuire will officially take office. McGavick said though he and Gayheart leave the student union in “strong” condition, he looks forward to what Boyle and McGuire will accomplish.“If you don’t know Elizabeth and Pat … know this: they’re passionate, hard-working and deeply devoted to the well-being of this community,” he said.Tags: McGavick-Gayheart, state of the student union address, Student governmentlast_img read more