Final Fantasy 7 remake will be built on Unreal Engine 4

first_imgEver since E3 of this year, the gaming world has been clamoring to learn any scrap of information it can about Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII remake. We’ve learned a little bit here and there, but for a while, most of the things we learned were amusing anecdotes — like how the director of the remake didn’t know he was the director until he saw the same E3 trailer we all did. Recently, though, we’ve been getting some more details about the game itself, like how the remake will be episodic so Square Enix can work on smaller portions without having to cut any features that fans will miss. Now, the newest bit of juicy game info we’ve learned is that the game will run on Unreal Engine 4.You can check out the quick news hit in IGN’s Daily Fix below:Though it may seem a little deflating that the Final Fantasy VII remake will have that “Unreal Engine feel” so many games running on the engine have, it does likely mean that the game will be much more fluid than the standard JRPG fare from the late 90s. Check out Square’s recent gameplay trailer below and see for yourself:Square has said that the remake will actually remake parts of the game, rather than just update the graphics and audio, and judging from the above trailer — it sure looks like it. Though brief, the action sequences seem more like the half-RPG, half-action combat of games like Kingdom Hearts, rather than the pseudo action of Final Fantasy XII.No word yet on exactly when the first episode will release, or if we’ll ever not feel kind of gross that Final Fantasy VII went episodic.last_img read more