ASG 2020 was mainly for charity

first_imgTheOrlando Police Department tweeted via their account an amusing message. “Weplan on reaching out to the Chicago Police today to investigate Orlando Magicforward Aaron Gordon being robbed of a dunk contest championship last night”./PN TheNBA and its players’ association will be auctioning the Kobe-themed JordanBrand jerseys used during the 2020 All-Star Games. All proceeds will be donatedto Bryant’s foundations – Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation and theMamba-on-Three Fund.The Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation provides the less privileged withsports programs that enhance their social outlooks and awareness. It alsoprovides funding for the deserving but less fortunate athletes to be in schooland sports leagues, as well as for the young women in sports through equalopportunities. The Mamba-on-Three Fund, on the other hand, was createdspecifically to honor and support the families of the seven other victims ofthe Jan. 26 crash. NewYear brought to the National Basketball Association (NBA) a new kind of gloomwhen two important figures passed away last month. David Stern, a lawyer whojoined the NBA as a league counsel during the late 70s and went on to become aninnovative NBA commissioner died after a losing battle with cancer. Three weekslater, Los Angeles Lakers legend and soon to be Basketball Hall of Famer KobeBryant died in a devastating helicopter crash together with hisdaughter Gigi and seven others. “Ifeel like I should have two trophies”, Gordon said while noting that his firstshould have been in 2016. Wenow proceed to the other event of the All-Star Weekend. The Slam Dunk contestwas a controversial one. Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones, Jr. were locked withidentical scores of 50 three times, and the judges should have declared thecontest a tie. Obviously a judge had the bias for Jones Jr. Thisyear’s All-Star was a game of different formats. In the first three periods,the scores restart to zero every quarter. The winning team of the period wins aspecific amount for its selected charity. Meanwhile, the fourth quarter is alsoof a different format. It was untimed. The quota was 24 points added to theleading team’s cumulative score from the first three periods. Since the leaderhad a total of 133 during the first three outings, the target score to end theAll-Star match was at 157. It was indeed a competitive final quarter that canbe likened to the intensity of a playoff game. The stars played hardcoredefense in the race to meet the 157 target. Agood All-Star clash should have not ended with a free throw. Apparently,LeBron’s team converted a split one to reach the quota and win the game overTeam Giannis who scored 155. Even the final score, ironically, has Kobe’snumber. Add 1+5+7+1+5+5 and what do you get? Reportedly,he won’t be joining future more dunk contests. Most dunkers could jump overother players but rarely do we see one jumping over a seven-foot-five guy. Wenow go on to the game. Since the death of Stern and Kobe, the league had beenin a somber mood. However, it changed to a celebration of life when Dwayne Wadeand WNBA star Candace Parker led the crowd in making the United Center inChicago the loudest arena in the world for 24.2 seconds in honor for the jerseynumbers worn by Kobe and Gigi.last_img

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