Javelin thrower Chaksh wins the Lahti / Day competition

first_imgChaksh’s first two attempts did not count, and he was close to not being the best in the top eight, giving three more shots. True, with the third attempt he reached the mark of 72.49 meters.The 78.94 meters achieved in the fourth run allowed him to become the leader of the competition, the fifth attempt was unsuccessful, but the last one managed to improve his result – 79.31 meters.Meanwhile, in the first series, Strobinder sent a spear at a distance of 77.00 meters and became the leader of the competition. True, in the next five walks his result was not included.The other eight participants were from Finland. Topias Laine took the second place with 78.16 meters, and Toni Kūsela was third with 77.29 meters.last_img

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