Online study: Government should intervene in special package for students:…

first_imgCourtesy: Generosity in students’ learning Internet connections are available at a fixed rate It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein The woman nodded. Schools will be closed completely and learning will continue Circumstances in which ksha and continue online Children of economically disadvantaged children Concerns are being raised that the study has begun. On that day, all the children in the backyard play e Learning is always enlivened in online classes I do not know. E. at a generous rate for learning for children He has launched various mobile packages on the Internet The government has issued directives to the TOCAs A large section of children in the UK also study Will start.Laptops in the middle of the Covid financial crisis It is an increase of Rs Made by various companies. Tablet tablets and smartphones are also very expensive There was an increase. In the context of online marketing code This electronic electronics is available at a reasonable price Money cannot be bought. At present, the children are living in a bank loan Purchasing such study materials. There are many people who buy laptops through KSAFE.E. on the grounds that imports from China were low Prices for electronics are high The impact of the day on the economics of economics For students. Classes for children of the same age at home play at the same time When the children come, the children in the small class play The situation where you have to stay away from online classes It’s not. At the same time, the name of one of the professions in the same house Students studying in courses and higher classes Heavy overload when the situation arises The house is in play.A lesson for children facing economic hardship It is becoming a heavy liability. Mobile phone in the current income of parents Circumstances that could not be tolerated. Get an Internet connection in your monthly package The equipment, including the modem, is four-dimensional There is a form of le. Attend classes on the Victors Channel It takes months to complete the cable connection Payment must be made.last_img

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