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first_imgEdgars invited Aigars Kalvitis, President of the Latvian Hockey Federation, Einars Fogelis, Head of the Latvian Olympic Team, Ēriks Āzi, President of the Latvian Fencing Federation, and Zintis Ekmanis, Secretary General of the Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation.The recently elected Executive Committee of the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOC) in its new composition on Wednesday agreed at its first meeting on the appointment of five LOC commission chairs and deputies, LOK reports.It has already been reported that 19 members were elected to the General Assembly of the LOK Executive Committee. Pēteris Apinis, Ēriks Āze, Agris Blaus, Ansis Dāle, Einars Fogelis, Juris Grants, Aigars Kalvītis, Jānis Kols, Arnis Legzdiņš, Lelde Laure, Jānis Liepiņš, Māris Mančinskis, Armands Puče, Edgars Pče, Edgars Pče Vējonis, Vsevolods Zelonijs, Nils Žuraļovs and Māris Bičevskis.For the next four years, the LOC will have six commissions – the Finance Commission, the Ethics Commission, the Legal Commission, the Sports Commission, the Development Commission and the Athletes’ Commission. Athlete Gunta Vaičule continues to perform the duties of the chairperson of the athletics commission, but today the decision to chair the other commissions was made at the meeting of the LOK Executive Committee.The LOK Finance Commission will be responsible for financial, marketing and public relations issues. Aigars Kalvītis, President of the Latvian Hockey Federation (LHF), was confirmed as the Chairman of the Commission, and Māris Mančinskis, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC Agrolats Holding, and Arnis Lagzdiņš, President of the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS), were appointed as his deputies.Nils Žuravļovs, President of the Latvian Boxing Federation, has been approved as the Chairman of the LOK Ethics Commission, and Armands Puče, President of the Latvian Golf Federation, will act as the Deputy Chairman. The Ethics Commission will address issues of sports ethics, fair play and anti-doping.The issues to be considered by the LOK Legal Commission will include the development of the draft of the new version of the LOK Statutes, the consideration of legal issues and the establishment of a new award system. Jānis Liepiņš, President of the Latvian Modern Pentathlon Federation, was confirmed as the head of the commission, but Agris Blauss, President of the Latvian Equestrian Federation (LJF), will act as the deputy.Einars Fogelis, the head of the Latvian Sports Federation Council (LSFP) and the Latvian Olympic Unit (LOV), was confirmed as the chairman of the LOK Sports Commission. Four persons were confirmed as vice-chairmen of the commission – the president of the Latvian Judo Federation Vsevolods Zelonijs (will represent the Olympic summer sports), the president of the Latvian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (LBSF) Jānis Kols (will represent the Olympic winter sports) and the president of the Latvian Fencing Federation Ērika Āze those federations whose athletes are not included in the Latvian Olympic team). The Vice-Chairman of the Commission from the Olympic Sports Games will be nominated and approved at the next meeting of the LOK Executive Committee.The LOK Development Commission will be chaired by LBSF President Kol, but his deputies will be confirmed by the President of the Latvian Basketball Union (LBS) Raimonds Vējonis (in charge of infrastructure and Olympic sports center development issues), Latvian Football Federation (LFF) Secretary General Edgars Pukinsks (in charge of Latvian Olympic teams and “Sports House” project development), Dr. Pēteris Apinis (in charge of social projects, education, athletes’ dual careers, social guarantees and health) and Jevgēņijs Sapronenko, President of the Latvian Gymnastics Federation (in charge of youth programs and Olympic Solidarity Programs).The sixth LOK commission is the Athletes’ Commission, the composition of which was approved two years ago and the mandate of the members of the commission will end in 2022. Athlete Vaičule works as the chairperson of the LOK Athletes ‘Commission and the direction of the commission’s activity is the defense of athletes’ interests.The 39 member federations of the Olympic Sports and the LOC will nominate their candidates to five LOC commissions by 14 August, after which the commission leaders will recommend the candidates to the LOK board for approval.It has already been reported that the former Secretary General of the LOC was elected by the General Secretary of the LOC on July 10 at the General Assembly.Others are currently reading On his birthday, Oleg Burov grossly violates traffic rules Test your mental abilities! Can you answer these 5 simple questions? Six more cases of Covid-19 have been reportedlast_img

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