“Scandal” recap: “Adventures in Babysitting”

first_imgABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) — In the Scandal episode “Adventures in Babysitting,” Olivia confronts her father to tell him to make sure Fitz heads back to Vermont.Mellie addresses the nation about what is going on in Bashran and why defending the country is important. Unfortunately, the American people don’t seem interested in supporting Mellie’s war. However, Mellie is set on keeping Bashran’s president Rashad safe. He agrees to stay in the U.S. as long as his niece Yasmine can be protected. As a result, Quinn and the gladiators take Yasmine out of class and bring her to their offices.Instead heading back to Vermont, Fitz tells Mellie everything — including that Liv had Luna Vargas, her former vice president killed.Enraged, Mellie tells Liv that she doesn’t want to hear about B613 ever again and insists she get Congress’ approval for the war in Bashran.Liv confronts her father again after Fitz spills the beans to Mellie. Yasmin escapes, the gladiators search for her and later find her with her girlfriend. Meanwhile Jake and Fitz meet. Jake tells Fitz to go home, that Liv is a lost cause. He tells Fitz she’s already become Command and isn’t coming back to her former self. Fitz doesn’t seem deterred. Liv later finds Fitz and confronts him. He tells her he’s not going to leave until she returns back to normal.Focused on getting Mellie her war, Liv pulls a favor from a lover to have Rashad defend his country and U.S. intervention on national television. Meanwhile, Cyrus continues to lobby for the war, but realizes it’s going to be a tie in congress. However, he refuses to vote for the war because he doesn’t agree with it.With the votes not adding up, Rashad wants to head back to his country to deal with the chaos. Upset, Mellie tells him no and indicates that she has feelings for him. They make out, but Mellie draws back, embarrassed.Liv later finds Mellie to learn what she actually wants from her presidency. Mellie tells her she wants Rashad, a peace treaty and for people to be safe. Mellie clues Liv in that she’s open to get it by any means necessary. Liv obliges. Liv arranges to get Rashad back to his country. Yasmine is told she must go back as well. While this is being arranged, Mellie rewards Liv by telling Fitz he has to back to Vermont or be removed.However, while Rashad is on his way back to Bashran, his airplane suddenly blows up on the runway.Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img

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