Tattoo Specialist Questions Khadijas Story of Involuntary Tattoos

Rabat – The story of Khadija, the 17-year-girl who said she was kidnapped, raped, and tattooed, is still making headlines.After Khadija claimed she was forcibly tattooed while being held captive for two months this summer, parents of the suspects denied the story and asserted the teenager had the tattoos long before. A professional tattoo remover has now weighed in. In an interview with Arabic outlet Barlamane, the professional, who called herself “Linda Paradis,” said that the tattoos are older than the teenager’s story asserts. Linda explained that when she heard the heartbreaking story of the girl, she went straight to the victim’s home to examine her in the presence of her mother.  What she found was not what she expected. “The skin of the girl was perfectly healed, so her tattoo would go back at least six months. She made her tattoos to hide scars with a knife that she inflicted to herself a year ago or more,” said the specialist. “There is no crust, no redness, no inflammation; I have a lot of doubts,” she added. She explained that no laser can remove the scars as it is too dangerous for her.“I offered her a medical follow-up; she was only asking for money. I also tried to offer psychological support, but it ended badly with the family,” added the specialist. Linda Paradis’ version supports the parents’. One of the parents of the suspects said that Khadija asked “for the tattoos and they were not forced on her by anyone.”The mother of two of the suspects added that she would defend the victim herself if Khadija were really a victim as she claimed.“She wanted this, she was always knocking on my door asking if my son was home,” the mother told Moroccan television channel Soltana.Another parent questioned Khadija’s allegation, claiming that if what she charged of his son were true, the victim’s father would have filed a complaint about his daughter’s absence.Khadija, however, claimed that she tried to escape several times, but the suspects caught her and tortured her.Earlier this week, twelve men, aged 18 to 28, were arrested on suspicion of raping Khadija. An authority told AFP that the general prosecutor of the Criminal Division of the Beni Mellal Court of Appeal in central Morocco had decided to prosecute and to put the suspects in pre-trial detention.The primary suspect is aged 20 and is being prosecuted for “trafficking a minor, rape, threat of murder, torture, kidnapping and for having a criminal gang.”Ten other suspects are facing charges of “human trafficking of a minor, threat of murder, torture, kidnapping, rape and non-reporting of crime and for not helping a person in danger,” the source added.A twelfth suspect will be charged for “not helping the victim” and for not reporting on a crime. Police are now searching for three other suspects, AFP’s source said.

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