Army launches videosharing site MilTube

first_imgWhist the modern world is inundated with social networks for uploading photos and videos (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like), they are not exactly the most secure forms of sharing content, especially if you are in the armed forces. Which is why people that are serving in the U.S. military now have their own website where they can upload, share, and watch videos.The new MilTube site (designed by MilTech, a communications branch of the Army) has been set up as a safer, more secure alternative to YouTube, with content protected behind firewalls. It’s mainly designed to serve the interests of military personnel who want to share videos, but its secondary role is to satisfy the concerns of the Department of Defense (DOD), which has never been comfortable with access to the above social network and sharing sites.Justin Filler, deputy director of Army organization MilTech Solutions Office, said in a statementVideo is an extremely powerful tool for storytelling and sharing information among personnel, MilTube provides a secure, internal environment for those connections to take place across the Armed Services. Like YouTube, MilTube offers channels, categories, and tags, which allows army personnel to not only upload and watch videos, but also search for and sort them. The site supports a variety of video formats as well as audio-only streams and can run on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Over the past year, the DOD has loosened up its bans on access to social networks, but access to sites like Facebook and Twitter is still subject to a variety of caveats and stipulations, leaving many personnel unable to take full advantage of them.Read more at CNetlast_img

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