Sydney monorail saved thanks to Greek wrecker

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram It’s not every day you find 22 carriages of Sydney’s old monorail up for grabs on classified site Gumtree. Harry Tsoukalas, manager of second-hand sales for Metropolitan Demolitions, placed the strange but intriguing ad just a couple of weeks ago in the hopes of saving the carriages from the scrap yard, and within a couple of days and a bit of media coverage, all the carriages have been sold.“We’ve got every single one allocated to people,” Tsoukalas tells Neos Kosmos.If you’re curious to know who would be in need of an aged monorail, you’d be surprised.The majority of the carriages have gone to an Australian Taiwanese man, who has a number of amusement parks and is keen to give customers a novel way of getting around. For Harry, selling the carriages was a labour of love, hoping to see them used for their intended purpose again. “We gave priority for the people that want to use them as monorails,” he admits about choosing the right buyers.A monorail superfan also snapped up a couple of carriages in the hopes of realising a dream.“She wants to make a house out of them and make them work so they can be moving up and down on a rail,” Harry says about one of the buyers. “She wants to live in it.” Harry reveals that the buyer, an American national who has lived in Sydney for years, even rented an apartment that had a view to the monorail line. She was even present when Harry was dismantling the monorail.Another buyer hopes to make the carriage into a food van and a landscaper has bought one to utilise in his designs. For Harry, the sales meant the monorail would get a second life and remain in Australia’s history.“It was a different thing, the monorail, I didn’t just want to scrap it,” he says.“There’s a lot of things we don’t really care about, we just throw them away and smash them. “We need to be a little bit more selective.”Harry has one more carriage left that he hopes to sell to help raise funds for a volunteer to the company who was injured in a freak accident. The carriage is just a shell at the moment, but Harry believes it could give a small business owner a novel way to present themselves. “If someone wants to use it, maybe they can put it on a trailer and use it as an espresso bar,” he says. For more information about the last monorail carriage for sale, visit…last_img

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