Friend Wolter confessed killing girlfriend because she narced on him

first_imgIn an encounter with an old friend at the Clark County Jail, Dennis Wolter allegedly confessed that he killed his girlfriend, Kori Fredericksen, in May 2011 because she “narced him out.”Dannielle Williams said Thursday that she was taken into custody on May 26, 2011, for a parole violation related to a DUI conviction. Inside a Camas police patrol car, she encountered an old friend — Wolter — who also was being transported to the Clark County Jail, though she didn’t recognize him at first. She was seated in the front, while he was in the backseat.“We were just making small talk,” she testified. “Then, I realized I recognized him.”They talked as they waited outside the jail’s booking area. Here is how she recalled the conversation for jurors:” ‘What are you in for?’” she asked” ‘Murder,’ ” he replied.” ‘Wow, tough luck,’ ” she said. ” ‘I’m here for DUI.’ “” ‘Who did you kill?’ ” she asked him.” ‘Kori,’ ” he said.She said she didn’t immediately register who Kori was, then realized the victim was her ex-boyfriend’s stepmother. She asked Wolter why he killed Fredericksen, Williams said.“He said she narced on him,” Williams testified.“‘Karma is a bitch,’” she told Wolter. “‘What goes around, comes around.’” She testified that she was referring to Wolter’s wrongdoing when she made the comment.“‘It was quick and easy this way,’” Wolter replied.He then asked her to apologize to her ex-boyfriend for killing his stepmother, Williams said.Williams said she was offered a possible sentence reduction in exchange for her cooperation in testifying. However, the judge in her case declined to reduce her sentence, she said. Nevertheless, she said, she decided to testify against Wolter.last_img

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