Windows 10 responds to the Jedi mind trick

first_imgYou’ll never have to resort to the Jedi mind trick to avoid being captured by Stormtroopers, but it’s a skill worth remembering if you own a computer that supports Windows Hello.Quick refresher: Windows Hello is Microsoft’s new biometric platform for Windows 10. Switch it on and you can log in by swiping a fingerprint, having your iris scanned, or simply by looking into your webcam. With the arrival of the Windows 10 anniversary update, Hello will be able to replace password sign-ins in Edge and other apps, too.It’s a convenient way to log in, but it’s not perfect. There’s always the chance that you’ll swipe a tad too fast or there will be a bit of moisture on your finger. A re-swipe is usually all it takes to get signed in when that happens. But what if you have the lights down a bit too low and your depth-sensitive camera doesn’t recognize you?You could duck out of view quickly or stand up and sit down again to tell your computer to give it another go. Or you could just do your best Obi-Wan impression and wave your hand slowly across your webcam to tell it to start over — and remind it that yours is indeed the face it’s looking for.If the re-scan works, you’ll be able to go about your business without having to contort yourself or get out of your chair… or click the log-in options and resort to banging in your PIN or password like it’s still the 20th century.last_img

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