Note making enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng project plan



this includes issues of "what" and "why" do you want to repair it, and how you can repair it roughly means. But imagine you are a web developer, read the report, you will not feel that it is going to spend a few days on all the links I click on the site to find 404 error?

specific optimization methods.

four. The estimated cost of

1 repair in Appendix A chain or intern

rewritingThe redo

with the development of Shanghai dragon, more and more enterprises begin to pay great attention to the problem of Shanghai Longfeng own website, although as a solution project for Shanghai dragon people give simple is easy, but the solution itself does not solve the problem. If you can in the customers and managers expected cost and income range, put forward a specific plan for clarity, they are more willing to put your plan into practice.

E priority optimization method A influence B cost D or the use of the C

2 page title of low content of team

as experienced Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, everyone will think this is not too much trouble?, you don’t need to allow developers to manually check the entire site, there are a lot of inspection tools can do! But the problem is that a lot of knowledge rich web developers do not know some of Shanghai dragon trick and means, even if they know they can the 404 page online detection tool directly, but also do not know to be applied to the Shanghai dragon. >

five. The preparation of the final ranking of

team, design development of 3 navigation

three. Confirm the resources required for


when we write Shanghai dragon plan often discuss the "what" and "why", which is a waste of time, so we skip to the last step, that is "how to do". For example, there are so many Shanghai dragon report:

resources specific optimization methods.

is the most effective in every plan at the end of the book with a form, as shown below (Table 1):

"we examined your website and found a lot of bad internal link chain, which leads to the error and the weights of the 404 can not transfer. Check and correct your links in the chain, you will retain the weight, improve the ranking, and provide a better user experience for your visitors."

two. From the main factors to the secondary factors one by one to solve the problem of

contains only 5 columns of the table seems to be not what big deal, but when you actually start to seriously study the columns included in the content, you will find that if you want to achieve each index in each column, will involve a lot of work. So here, I would like to discuss the steps involved and everyone. (Table 1 in each column of the letters in each row)

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