Website optimization excessive punishment right down performance

website snapshot suddenly stopped or is not updated for a long time this time, believe that many webmaster friends website have had, it is a symptom of website drop right. If the site has this kind of situation, on site maintenance, site optimization is to see whether what is wrong with a snapshot of the site in 24 hours is relatively normal.

2, not updated snapshot.

this is many webmaster have experienced, met one day love Shanghai big update, the web site of the chain suddenly dropped thousands or even tens of thousands of. This is generally the site outside the chain of quality problems, if a few hundred is possible because the information search engine on the Internet were integrated, deleted some duplicate information, but is no ground for blame, the chain to sign following the original chain number 50% is that the site is down right now, the webmaster should pay attention to.

1, included disappear.

in love with domain or site in Shanghai site, the site is not the first home page, there is also the site of this drop right caused by search engines.

website has been in love or Shanghai home pages, one day suddenly dropped to 100 after or with the shadow was gone. This is possible if the new station site for the love Shanghai assessment stage, normal operation can continue, but if the old station, you have to consider the site is search engine punishment.


5, keywords ranking drop.


The development of

if the site included a large number of falls or is suddenly included only home page, this is most certainly, the website must be search engine punishment.


included, the chain site in the first place.

4, the chain plummeted.

website this morning, but the afternoon or second days included disappear. This is a manifestation of the site right down, probably illegal website search engine operation, resulting in the search engine on the web is not very friendly, are more likely to be on the site of Shanghai love artificial intervention, reduce the weight of the website.

promotes the development of website construction, many of my friends have ever thought of a webmaster hidden, according to their own needs or preferences to establish their own website, but the site is easy to keep a station to website built after the maintenance and optimization to the webmaster committed. Because of the many search engines of uncertain factors, make the webmaster to do stand confused, some eager to make the website success webmaster with various means of cheating, in the operation process of website optimization excessive site is down right or be K often are. Small with own experience to share station site is down right to punish the performance for reference to the webmaster.

6, check the Just update the article will soon be included in the

3, included a large number of declining or not.

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