The former king of those hang saga

for BlackBerry released new products in terms of a somewhat intelligent mobile phone RIM be inopportune or inappropriate, not issued in accordance with the original publicity expected, while its Playbook tablet computer and somewhat this matter seems to act with undue haste, blackberry always seem to keep up with the pace of the release of the new product.

company: Blackberry mobile phone is a mobile wireless communication equipment brand in Canada, was established in 1999. It features support for push email, mobile phone, Internet fax service, once the "gaoshuai rich" status.

reduced to such a situation?

so, what is the cause of the former king

"layoff" and "restructuring" and "executives fled", "shares" and "share decline" and "shrinking market", "the sale of the company, who also did not expect the RIM today will be in a tight corner, then up to 148 yuan price of $let it jump on the peak of glory today. RIM flower leaves fall, almost come to the end of life……

but today the BlackBerry "fall" trend has been unable to stop. It is reported that in the past two years, BlackBerry’s market value has shrunk by 70%, and even the price earnings ratio has been less than 5 times.

The background of

, NOKIA, Motorola, blackberry, Kodak, best buy… These big old industry giants. Now in the fierce competition in the market gradually fall, or they are acquired or filed for bankruptcy, or the other, what is the reason for their former glory from today’s decline to

when the BlackBerry was also immersed in their own kingdom of giants when apple is inextricably bogged down in, by changing the smart mobile phone multimedia entertainment terminal of the rules of the game, and when the BlackBerry has changed suddenly as if wakening from a dream, find old position.

: analysis of the causes of the decline

it is reported that many reviewers conducted evaluation in the development of RIM Playbook, the market response is good. But officially launched in Playbook, we have to.


two market, grasp the rhythm of instability

, a conservativeWith the fall of the Apple iPhone

BlackBerry was not unrelated to iPhone so that the advent of intelligent mobile phone touch screen in this era, for the love of a physical keyboard BlackBerry is just the beginning of the end, the design concept of apple did not agree even sarcasm and prevented Apple successful fact.

in the mobile Internet era, followed by the arrival of RIM, the emphasis is still its strong safety and closed, and this is an important reason for the decline of the closed brings many adverse factors which lead to RIM application developers, the lack of attractive application in the field of software development.

Blackberry mobile phone


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