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search results page is automatically generated a large number of links, webmaster service links and collection of links.

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ZAC recommended and attract the chain. The natural chain mainly rely on speculation, such as the robin "for a Links, a man put a knife to cut the murderer of thousands of people" is a typical hype, followed by contacts, ideas and content. ZAC said the older generation is still a bit more general, not to cool point line and attempt an ineffective solution. I think, how to build the chain, and what are the channels to the construction of the chain is the most concerned about the topic of small owners, the following are some personal views of the author in actual combat.

search engine has been to suppress the link, but link trading is to quickly raise the website weight and ranking the most effective. In the purchase link, you can pay attention to the following.



iframe framework, robots file link chain, JS shielding code jump of the chain, links with nofollow tag and link with nofollow tags.

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is a search engine that is referred to as cheating cheating outside the chain chain.

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The chain construction is a natural chain

1, purchase and exchange chain


last day in Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released "on the chain" to determine whether the judgment, the only standard of the chain is useful "is the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations significance." This word is a bit more general, the earth people know. Cheat the chain mentioned in this document, Shanghai is basically to love has been applied to the ranking algorithm, so the author of this document revealed the contents of the mind and have no too many waves. This document is the value chain, the first official clear the most significant means of cheating, and examples of a change in attitude in the past, ready to accept either course.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and Zac all have a similar point of view, the chain of 99% owners own release didn’t work. Zac in the third phase of training in Shanghai dragon VIP is talked about the construction of the chain is mainly divided into the chain and the chain of natural attraction. The chain construction idea is good, but similar to three parking spaces such as the ground lock enterprise station, the industry focus groups have been less, "drizzle" was originally a OEM brand, the chain and the chain of natural attraction is almost impossible.

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3, the chain

1, invalid chain

, but I also mention here.


Personal view of cheatingAlthough this is the basic foundation of

face judgment standard love Shanghai foreign chain, small owners how to construct the effective chain

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