Large website optimization Shanghai dragon industry site external optimization strategy

In the article

, a station optimization — one of the way of the construction of the chain

classification information promotion through (58 city information, ganji贵族宝贝, beans when network, people network, Jinti, Wuhan, Yideng classification information network, money eyes, list,

related keywords to the appropriate authority website, improve website trust in search engine.

space promotion)

note: the document submitted to love Shanghai library, insert the anchor text inside, making PDF document, insert the anchor text inside, is the chain. On the construction of the external links at the same time, do not ignore the construction of the chain.

The spread of


1) high quality connection into

except for the reverse link, we have other things to do:

3. the industry authority website and industry associations, organizations and other sites. Including the industry quite high weight website

brand and information (Web site marketing and recruitment information)

2) GOV forum, forum signature Industry Forum

4. GVM paid links and buy high quality Links

1. YAHOO and

4) Encyclopedia – love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia

ask: love Shanghai know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina, ask the question and answer, Soso Ask the Qihoo and Post Bar


two, outside the station optimization way of the construction of the chain of two

2. news website

import connection

three, outside the station optimization linkbait ideas

chain construction, suggestions from a point further, in other words: auxiliary martial arts skill,

1. is more difficult to get connected with the bait station connection industry by setting up a fake website, publish content, get connected into the industry with high quality, and then to SE and judge after the implementation of the 301 redirect, cheating on SE. As for the industry to bring the weight connecting station.

5) added to the collection site and bookmarking sites (love Shanghai collection, YAHOO collection, bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, noble baby music collection, good net, sina

all day! )

2) other ideas of the construction of the chain

Sina, Sohu, self built blog 163, 39 blogs, and news, SouFun, Tianya, bokee, love Shanghai, love Shanghai more space (right click increase post function)

3) through the video website promotion (through the product images into video format: tudou贵族宝贝, youku贵族宝贝, 56 nets, six rooms, Sina video,

) > Many methods of

1) link

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