first_imgThe increasing danger of this pandemic has taken control over everyone and everything including the most elites as well. We all are locked in our homes and no one knows till when. Even the thought itself is very frustrating. We all are at the best position to fight against this, but the larger question for a country like India remain that “WHO ARE THE REAL SUFFERERS?”The history of India has witnessed stratification at it’s maximum extent. This stratification not only restricts a particular group of people from using the common resources but also creates a deep rooted grievances among them that persist thoughout the generations.In the time like this, these people lowest in the strata are most vulnerable to death, not only by the this pandemic but more by the starvation. Everyday we here news that government have distributed food among them, many organisations has came up to help them, many NGOs are providing them with grains and so forth. I’m not doubting this but my question is, till what extent these efforts are reaching to the needed ones?Just a couple of days back I heard a news from haryana. There was a family struggling to feed themselves, they all were starving from the past three days. They went to stand in the queue from the morning but maximum times the food gets over or even if they manage to get the food still it was surely not enough to feed all of them. At last, the husband lost all his hope and sold his mobile phone. He, then came home carrying some grains and just said, “mobile phones ain’t that necessary to survive but these grains are.” Speaking these words he went outside in search of some more food but he never returned back. The man committed suicide and, when the investigation began the authorities refused to accept that this could be possible. The media went to his house, the wife had to show the grains that her husband had brought but still all of them refused to believe her. She was literally crying her heart out. At that very moment I thought to myself what a selfish society we have became? The worst of all is the realization that it’s not only case now, there are numerous cases like this.We talk about SOCIAL DISTANCING but isn’t an elite idea? I mean, how could you expect thousands of people living in a slums to maintain this. All of them have to venture out in the most dirtiest areas of the city in order to survive. But do we care about this at all? The answer is no. From the very beginning our authorities tend to serve the intrests of the elites. Do you even think why the system took a huge risk to bring back the students from kota, attentive government, many of you will say but you couldn’t ignore the fact that those were children of very stranded people.Their parents could turn down the whole system. And if the government is that attentive to our needs and wants why the voice of the labourers aren’t been heard. Why no goverment is willing to take an initiative to help them out?Each day we heard people giving up their lives because there is no way left for them but, does we realise, exploitation and insensitivity have became such a comman phenomenon that we barely notice it now. We refer ourselves as the greatest creation of god but the reality is we aren’t even loyal to our fellow citizens. Most of you will say we are the best. Ofcourse, you are best but you know why? Because you have been given best of everything. Most of us doesn’t even have an idea what is like to be starve, how it feels seeing your love ones crying and you could do nothing, the feeling itself kills you. So, basically you don’t have a right to call yourself “BEST”, until you are best for everyone. It’s also a reality check for the administration, as all we care is for the top most people in hierarchy but people who are really worth respect are the vendors, hawkers, nurses, policemen, who are working day and night just to ensure our survival. But this pandemic persuades us as well to ponder over how from following “VASUDEV KUTUMKAM” we have came to a point where we are ready to kill our own people just to ensure your power and pride. Think of your own as a society where we have actually going!!last_img

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