The Influential Indians

first_imgThere is a lot of buzz around the coming US Presidential Elections which are scheduled to be held in the month of November this year. And why not? The whole world is eager to know who will run the White House for the next four years. India is also looking up to the elections in the US and also it has a lot to cheer about because the Indian community living in the US, popularly called as Indian Americans, will have a major role to play in the outcome of the elections. Although the population of Indians in America is meagre, i.e., 1.3 million Indian Americans out of the total population of around 330 million, but the presence of Indians in the States such as Texas, Houston, Florida, etc., which play a decisive role in the elections, makes their very presence an important and decisive one. The importance of the Indian community can be gauged by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans are trying every possible way to woo Indians to their side. While Democratic Presidential nominee and contender Joe Biden has declared Kamala Harris(Asian American) as his running mate. On the other hand,  President Trump (Republican defender) is doing every possible thing so that Indians remain on his side. Indians have traditionally voted in large numbers for Democratic party but this time it is not clear to whom will the Indians vote.last_img

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