L4LM Summer Festival Preview: Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival

first_imgHere’s the first wave of Rootwire 2014 acts:Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ set), Beats Antique x2, EOTO, Conspirator, Zilla, Gallery Works & Presentations by Alex & Allyson Grey, Love & Light, Vibesquad, Janover & Resunator, Dirtwire (feat. David Satori of Beats Antique), Kaminanda, Kilowatts, Manitoa, Cosby Sweater, Lynx, Sidecar Tommy, Aliver Hall, Dixon’s Violin, Tropidelic, Arpetrio, Broccoli Samurai, Sassafraz, Ematik, Magnetic, Nevele, Boomslang, Ethosine, Pleasant Drive, Spaceship Earth/Yogi Magik, Heady Ruxpin Rootwire Tranformational Arts Festival will be held July 17th-20th in Terra Alta, WV at Trip’s Farm at Sunshine Daydream Memorial Park. Tickets for the event are currently on sale and can be purchased here.  UPDATE: Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival has added sets from Tipper (last US festival performance of 2014), a very special set from Quixotic, Random Rab, and Dessert Dwellers, among others. Rootwire is shaping up to be an incredible experience not to be missed. Get your tickets here! There is a plethora of summer music festivals to choose from in 2014, with plenty of bands on each lineup. For many seasoned festivalgoers, the real decision lies in choosing a festival that brings something different to the plate. Of course, music matters, but what about the experience as a whole? Festivals should never entirely be just about the music; however, many are. What a festival is and what it should be, are often times not the same thing. Festivals are like living organisms, made up of many different parts and coming together in unity to create one conscious whole. This is what the co-creators of the Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival – July 17-20, Terra Alta, WV – (get tix here) were thinking when they came up with the basic tenets of what the Rootwire experience would be.Rootwire is just that – a living organism – made up of musical acts, visual art, performance art, community, and the inspiration for it all….the fans. No concert or festival is what it is without the fans giving their energy to it all. Striving to separate itself from your typical corporate festival, Rootwire is intent on creating a festival that seeks enlightenment, community, and social change that is both real and tangible.The musical acts for this year’s Rootwire Festival are most definitely in the vein of transcedence that is essential to the event. Simon Posford will be performing a Shpongle DJ set that will expand minds; Beats Antique has signed on for two full shows; Michael Traivs of The String Cheese Incident will be playing in both EOTO w/ Jason Hann, and Zilla with Jamie Janover and Aaron Holstein; Conspirator has been on a tear lately and will bring the party. Joining the aforementioned acts will be Vibesquad, Janover & Resunator, Dirtwire, Kaminanda, Lynx, Manitoa, and many more.In addition to live performances, the will be a large scale tent which will act as a walkthrough psychedelic gallery displaying finished pieces and prints as well as projects that are being made on the spot. At the festival, be sure to check out Gallery Works & Presentations by Alex & Allyson Grey, as well as other visual artists such as Simon Haiduk, Jonathan Solter, Adam Psybe, and more. Event creators insist that all attendees come prepared to engage in the creative community that will be witnessed at Rootwire 2014. It’s time to take things to the next level. Come prepared to fully immerse your mind, body, and soul at Rootwire and become a part of the event! In order to ensure that everyone has plenty of space to relax and not jammed in like sardines, Rootwire will cap ticket sales at roughly 50% capacity, allowing for optimal camping conditions. Families are encouraged, as there will be a separate camping area for those of us with little ones to tend to, and a special Kids Zone, a safe, open, family-integrative space in which children are encouraged to interact, have fun, be mindful of the medicine of play, and connect with Mama Earth.If you would like to volunteer, be a part of the Rootwire Street Team, be a vendor, or participate as a workshop presenter or visual artist, click here. – Chris Meyer (@ChrisMeyerL4LM)last_img

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