Are VeloToze Waterproof Cuffs the secret to dry feet? Plus, new neoprene covers…

first_imgVeloToze is known for making simple, 100% waterproof latex shoe covers. But while those are great in certain applications, their new Waterproof Cuff may just be the secret to keeping your feet dry, whether with their own new Neoprene Shoe Covers or those from any other manufacturer!VeloToze Waterproof Cuff latex rubber shoe cover gaiterc. VeloTozeTrying to keep feet dry never seems to be quite as easy as it sounds if you ride for extended periods of time in the heavy rain. Waterproof covers often do a good job of keeping water that hits your shoes out, but unless you carefully & perfectly overlap waterproof pants, tights, or leg warmers over top water will soon enough run down into your shoes. Then those waterproof shoes or shoe covers tend to do a good job at creating a bathtub inside for your feet. If you ride with waterproof winter shoes or even neoprene shoe covers that don’t seal perfectly against the skin under your leg coverings, your feet will eventually be wet.Now what the tall version of standard VeloToze latex shoe covers actually do best, is extend up high past your sock, sealing directly against the bare skin. In the end, that does a surprisingly good job of keeping any water from running down into your shoe (as long as they aren’t over socks or warmers). But those long things are a royal pain to stretch on, then over your shoes… with removing them just as difficult and all too often tearing the latex covers. (Beyond creating a sauna inside, the ease of tearing them is the biggest downside to VeloToze, sometimes making them one-time use only!)So, that was a long-winded way for me to get around back to the point that these little $9 cuffs or gaiters could be the best use of VeloToze’s latex construction yet (sorry, deal with it).Now… Start with any waterproof shoe or shoe cover. Make sure your sock doesn’t reach above the cuff. Then when you roll this thing over the top, it will form a water-tight seal against your skin and overtop the shoe/cover. Water rolls down the leg, but never can get inside your shoe or cover. (Don’t put them over tights/warmers/socks. Wear with knee warmers if it’s not super cold, or under leg coverings for super cold & wet riding.)The roughly ~3″/7.5cm tall latex rubber cuff/collar/gaiter comes in two sizes (S/M or L/XL) for different leg sizes, and in three color options (black, red, or hi-viz yellow.)  For $9 you get just one pair. But since this is just a small tube that you can either roll up onto your bare leg before you even put your shoe on, or stretch over the shoe with the cover already installed, it likely will be less susceptible to tearing than the harder-to-fit VeloToze shoe covers. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but surely will give a set a try this winter, both with waterproof shoes and with some neoprene shoe covers.VeloToze Neoprene Shoe Cover waterproof shoe cover & cuff comboSpeaking of neoprene shoe covers, VeloToze has jumped into that game too. Since they were really happy with how their VeloFingerz neoprene gloves worked out, they figured a road shoe cover with the same construction was a logical way to keep feet both dry AND warm.The $48 Neoprene Covers keep it simple, using seam-sealed construction with the stretchy material so you don’t need a zipper to put them on. Like their long VeloToze, you pull the Neoprene Covers on high up your calf after you put your sock on, but before your shoe. Then stretch it over your shoe and secure the velcro-backed kevlar strap across the instep of your road shoes.A kevlar toe and reinforced lower seam should make them fairly durable, but they are for road bike shoes only and probably limited walking. The Neoprene Covers come in three sizes (S, M, L) in black with reflective details, and include a black set of the new VeloToze Waterproof Cuffs as well. VeloToze recommends them for riding down to -5°C in the dry or 15°C in the wet, which seems super conservative and can surely be extended with some decently insulating socks.Shipping on either is free in the US or ten bucks to Europe, with both available now direct from VeloToze or coming soon to a wealth of international retailers.VeloToze.comlast_img

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