December 1, 2012 Letters

first_imgLetters Aging Lawyers I was still enjoying the honors and recognition bestowed on us veterans of World War II this week when I was shocked, shocked by the November 15 headline urging intervention before it becomes “a real catastrophe.”Really, fellas, such hyperbole concerning the natural and desirable alternative of “aging?”Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. (I was 75 when Supreme Court Justice Major Harding invited me to his home on January 1, 2000, to take the oath.)I really expected better of our learned profession than to relate competence to any measure of chronological age.Joseph C. D’Annunzio Tallahassee_____________________It was bad enough to have Romney include me in his 47 percent deadbeat lineup, but now the “Aging Lawyers Working Group” includes me in the feebleminded 11 percent.Most of you who have read my letters would not disagree with my inclusion. Rather than let the free market cleanse the business of the dementia-challenged like myself, we will soon have a mandated group with a highly paid director forcing us to do crossword puzzles and recite the preamble to the Declaration of Independence or is it the Constitution? In the past few years I can’t remember which.Before I take a Bar-ordered competency test, the U.S. Supreme Court will be forced to undergo what more than 350 juries have had to do — listen to my inane jibberish and slashing repartee. This year is the 40th anniversary of my having an “esq.” after my name. I’ve dug more dry holes than a regiment of gophers. If this becomes a requirement for renewal, I’ll be happy to get my pick and shovel out of the shed.Charles B. Tiffany Kissimmee December 1, 2012 Letters December 1, 2012 Letterslast_img

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