Another Five Years for the Space Station?

first_imgJean-Jacques Dordain, director of the European Space Agency (ESA) has called for the backers of the international space station (ISS) to keep it flying beyond 2015, when current funding runs out, until at least 2020. ISS will finally be completed this year and once the last shuttle has flown (also this year) only Russia will be able to carry astronauts into orbit. NASA has made no commitment to support the station after 2015, but that decision is awaiting the results of a human spaceflight review ordered by President Barack Obama. “I am convinced that stopping the station in 2015 would be a mistake because we cannot attract the best scientists if we are telling them today, ‘You are welcome on the space station but you’d better be quick because in 2015 we close the shop,’ ” Dourdain told a press conference yesterday.last_img

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