You can not know the Shanghai dragon ten essential weapon


4, lynx online version of

3, the webmaster helper chain query

is really good!

tool chain inspection!

website, aleax, PR, anti chain of these data is the webmaster every day to see the data, the webmaster tools in the update, the webmaster is really a good choice for

5, Xenu chain inspection tool

1, the

2, love love Shanghai station weight value

understand the strength of competitors, the observation site has been down the right to love Shanghai, as a reference for the exchange Links, undoubtedly love love Shanghai stand out of the weight value query, by many webmaster sought


8, Pa>

web page clearly there are a lot of dead link is not conducive to the search engine spiders crawl the page and work included, want to find convenient these potential problems, then you should use the Xenu


Links is one of the must do their homework every day, especially in the exchange station, every day may Links, friends of the chain of cheating is all kinds of, how to find the appropriate links to resources in many sites, how to effectively Links observation site, Adsense helper chain query


6 light-years, Shanghai dragon log analysis system

Webmaster Tools browser

! !


choose keywords for the site, is a large amount of data need to keywords, Jinhua is very good in this respect, according to the different needs of mining data related to the key.


keyword tool

wants to know how the search engine spiders crawling the web page? Try the Google Lynx text browser to check your site, you will find some very interesting stuff!

7, Jinhua

as a Shanghai dragon Er, daily observation and analysis of some website data, without the necessary software, the operation will undoubtedly is a very difficult thing. We give a grand introduction do ten "weapon" Shanghai dragon essential below:


log analysis is very meaningful, useful things, it can help you more clearly understand the search engine spiders also are more aware of their own website, as a Shanghai dragon Er log analysis is a compulsory work.

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