Enterprise how to do long tail keywords Shanghai dragon optimization

site optimization engineer said, it is not only the enterprise station, many large traffic has quite a part is also on the long tail keywords to the site, there are some large long tail word to traffic can be accounted for thirty per cent of the overall site traffic, as can be imagined the long tail word for the importance of the web site. In addition Shanghai Longfeng site optimization engineer also pointed out that the customer search to the long tail word, the purchase or consumption intention was higher than the core keywords, data conversion rate survey shows that the long tail word than target keywords.

a lot of enterprises to a certain extent, the optimization of the website traffic will go up soon, but after the website cannot be further. Then for the general small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of how to break through the bottleneck station? Shanghai dragon website optimization engineer said, enterprise station because the site is small, the amount of data is small, the best way to break the traffic bottleneck is the start in the long tail key words.

note title and keywords tag. The title and content of the article should be around long tail word to write, and Keywords tag should also focus on the long tail word set.

: a long tail keywords data analysis. This is a very important step, the number of long tail words are very many, but for the business station, exit Bi small, not all used, so the data analysis of the long tail word is very important, you must first understand the characteristics of your industry, but also know what keywords transformation the rate is relatively high, and to make full use of love Shanghai data analysis, the best selection of some keywords love Shanghai index to do long term.


then the business station should be how to set the long tail keywords? Shanghai dragon website optimization engineers said that the choice of long tail keywords arrangement of long tail keywords is actually very skillful, with good words, site traffic is very easy to take the next step, the Shanghai dragon website optimization engineer summed up the following points:

third: reasonable allocation of long tail keywords density. Keyword density control is very important, keyword density is too high a risk is as cheating, but the key

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