Share several repair methods on the site down right after

2) normal update site, or to find a fixed time to update the

according to the general situation, love the reason why Shanghai will put your site right down for a reason, and we want to restore the weights of the site owners, the first thing is to find out the reason of fruit love Shanghai site is down right, if the owners do not know where to start looking, I can recommend you the webmaster go there and see the log space love Shanghai spiders return code, then according to the reasons related to love Shanghai spiders return code to start the search site is down right.


webmaster site was found in Shanghai love right down, the next thing to do is to take this as soon as possible reasons to solve, for example, website is love Shanghai right down the content quality is not high, then the owners in the acquisition or update the content to these non original content a lot of changes look, try to achieve the pseudo original effect; the reason or website is love Shanghai right down because of poor quality sites using the space host, so webmaster is find a good quality space to replace the defective host space

must do stand a long time after the website webmaster may be loved Shanghai right down the situation, in this case if the experienced webmaster met fortunately poof, after all he knew how to do can make the relative weight of love Shanghai to restore the site, but to make new Adsense encounter more trouble, because it no experience, love Shanghai site is down the right do not know how to do. So, in order to help the new webmaster, I summarized some interested in the things about, after the site was down the right to love Shanghai to do, or after the site was down right now I don’t know how to love Shanghai to solve the webmaster may wish to look at

3) the appropriate add brick add some high quality of the chain, or similar quality chain

in out love Shanghai site was down the right, in order to let love Shanghai as soon as possible to restore the weight, so we webmaster is best to maintain the status quo, such as before is regularly updated, so now the webmaster to do is to keep the normal update; if the previous is not updated, so now the webmaster will change every day, it is best to find a fixed time to update, as long as the webmaster adhere to regularly update the site, the way I released some high quality content, that the weight of the website will soon be restored, as long as the webmaster in a bit of effort, will increase the weight of the site is


1) find the website is love Shanghai down the right reasons, and then solve

as soon as possible!

believes that often browse the soft webmaster should know that "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence! When we love Shanghai site is down right, in order to make the site as soon as possible to restore the weight, we all have a little time to take the necessary every day compared with visibility, or weight the website or forum update released under the chain, or to those who exchange Links website >

! !

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