Qihoo 360 is due to its A new force suddenly rises. unfair competition

August 8th

understand the Internet knows, Qihoo 360 in the years of development, always in constant development and obtain the rival, from time to time that its infringement lawsuit to the court is not uncommon. From the Qihoo 360 to Tencent Kingsoft antivirus complaints infringement litigation Qihoo 360 unfair competition. "

science and technology Tencent published an article infringement event seems specific to the Internet It is quite common for the parties, we can not call it a small thing, especially for the majority of search engine changes often focus on the Shanghai dragon, is a huge impact on our future optimization. Love in Shanghai today to the Qihoo 360 high court, accusing it without permission, authorization, plagiarism love Shanghai Webmaster Platform original document works, and communication to the public through information network. As an old enemy of search engines, since the Qihoo 360 in 2012 turned out to get the domestic search engine market share of 10%, and that it had acquired third major domestic search engine provider that Sogou, many industry insiders are talking about, in the near future love Shanghai a dominant search the engine will be subject to challenge Qihoo 360 favorable situation. If the complaint is true love Shanghai, so for the future development of the Qihoo 360 will have a significant impact, not to mention the love continues to challenge the Shanghai search engine status.

as the Internet market was on the upgrade, Qihoo 360 these years development has achieved good performance, has also been dubbed the title industry showstopper. Qihoo 360 President Zhou Hongyi considered himself to break the monopoly, everything is to safeguard the healthy development of the internet. As for the Dragon enmity of the Internet do not want to say more, but for many years as a Chizha Internet, so many Internet heavyweights do not belittle the Qihoo 360, also have their own advantages. But from the view of its development experience, the Qihoo 360 has always been with the rival competitors to gain development, sometimes take improper means of competition.

in the domestic search engine do best is undoubtedly love Shanghai, even the global search engine giant is not in Chinese and love Shanghai competition, who can expect Qihoo 360 with 360 security guards and 360 security browser, gain market share is small then launched 360 search engines. Last year, Shanghai has speeded up the algorithm coincides with the love of innovation, a large number of sites have been implicated in the update algorithm, many webmaster in angry love Shanghai crazy, 360 search launched timely also cater to the owners demand to a certain extent. Plus the pharmaceutical market turmoil last year, the auction also let Shanghai array injury love prestige in the user has been some criticism, Qihoo 360 and timely release the words he would never do the bidding, it is in the day, geography and people and reap the opportunities. Anyway, 360 in the short term can not search technology and love Shanghai to match, from time to time, love Shanghai love Shanghai 360 news search plagiarism search technology, and the direct to court to see not much.

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