Found: Eleven Velo – Custom Quality Merino Wool Clothing for Road, Mountain, and…

first_imgEleven Velo’s design and production facility is located in Australia.  From here, they source materials such as Merino wool from Victoria (Southern Australia) that is certified non-mulesign, quality zippers from the US and Switzerland, thread from Germany, and Italian Lycra.  These items are sourced because the companies that produce them operate ethically and sustainably.  These materials are then assembled by hand to produce each product, as it is ordered  You won’t find boxes of ready made inventory here.  So far Eleven is off to a good start in my book.At this point you might be wondering what a product of this caliber costs?  Well, it’s pretty reasonable to be honest.  I have always operated upon the principle that you buy a quality product once, rather that a cheap product multiple times.  Eleven’s clothing seems to be the item you buy once.  That said, it’s in the same price range as a high end jersey or bib shorts.  For instance, their premium cycling bibs cost $141.87 USD (thats $165AU), and their Team Jersey runs $106.17 USD ($128AU). The best part is that you can customize the colors to match your bike!  And honestly, who doesn’t love being all matchy matchy.Eleven Velo is also capable of producing small production runs for shops.  Any shop looking to set themselves apart from the competition with a niche product could easily order some custom, quality clothing to sell.  It would also be a great way to get a unique team kit produced.So is the hype real?  We shall find out soon enough.  Eleven has committed to sending some samples our way for a full review, so stay tuned. The Eleven Velo crew consider themselves a design shop that produces a cycling product, not just a clothing company.  Their ideal is to produce a high quality, sustainable, responsibly sourced, well designed product that they love.  Fortunately for the rest of us, they have very good taste, and are turning out some pretty impressive looking Merino wool based kit.Why is their product so special that we are posting about it?  Well, simply put, it’s customizable.  One visit to their website, and you will quickly find they have a myriad of options for all of the items they produce, allowing you to design and order exactly what you want.  This isn’t race kit emblazoned with logos and sponsors of teams and companies, but rather, classy apparel designed to perform well.Join us past the break for more on Eleven Velo.last_img read more

Review: Topeak’s go-to Joe Blow Pro floor pump

first_imgWhen loading up for a recent two week road trip, I eyed the small army of pumps in the workshop- and reached for Topeak’s full-sized Joe Blow Pro.  Even among high-volume, tubeless seating pumps, gleaming silver objects d’art, and admirably compact travel models, the unassuming Topeak was an easy choice.  That’s what eighteen months of hassle-free service earns.  Come into the back to find out why…Nominally a $100 pump (street prices seem to be closer to $75) and falling into Topeak’s “High Performance” category, one would expect the Joe Blow Pro to be a full-featured pump.  And it is.  The aluminum barrel is taller than many entry-level pumps and the feet bigger, making it easier for adults to use.  The 160psi/11 bar gauge is located at the top of the barrel, making it easy to read, and benefits from a bleed valve that makes getting tubeless tires to the right pressure after seating and easy process. It is protected against the inevitable fall by a rubber trim band, which must work (seeing as the gauge still does).  The padded handle is nice and wide for grownup hands and doesn’t flex like lesser pumps’ can.Topeak’s dual mode SmartHead is easy to use: just press it on to either Presta or Schrader valves, flip the lever, and pump.  It never seems to leak (even at funny angles) and releases easily.  Most importantly, it has yet to be fouled by the tire sealant that desert living demands on all bikes. Ball and air mattress adapters are included (and have a nice little home on the hose)- but were quickly lost.  The generously long hose’s high attachment at the gauge makes it easy to reach bikes in the workstand as well.Ooh! Carbon Fiber!The polished mid-sized barrel strikes a good balance between high pressure road needs and mountain tires’ high volumes.  The Joe Blow Pro stands less of a chance at seating tubeless tires than mountain-specific pumps, but I have seated plenty of friendly combinations without reaching for the air compressor.At the end of the day, the Joe Blow Pro is the easiest to use and most reliable pump that I’ve owned.  It’s not inexpensive and may not have the sex appeal of some of its competitors, but when you change tires and check pressures as much as we do, that’s not what counts.  What counts is that the Topeak it works, reliably and without complaint- and that’s the reason that I almost always reach for it first.  And why it gets to go on road trips.marcwww.topeak.comlast_img read more

Ned Bennett’s Bold Revival of Equus, Starring Ethan Kai, Sets West End Transfer

first_img Peter Shaffer’s dark psychological drama Equus is returning to the West End. Director Ned Bennett’s acclaimed English Touring Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East production will move into London’s Trafalgar Studios this summer for a limited engagement beginning on July 6. Ethan Kai (Instrument of War) and Zubin Varla (Jesus Christ Superstar) will reprise their leading turns as Alan Strang and Martin Dysart, respectively, for the run set to continue through September 7.Inspired by a true story, Equus sets out to explore the complex relationships between devotion and myth. When teenager Alan Strang’s pathological fascination leads him to blind six horses in a Hampshire stable, psychiatrist Martin Dysart is tasked with uncovering the motive behind the boy’s violent act. As Dysart delves into Alan’s world of twisted spiritualty, passion and sexuality, he begins to question his own sanity and motivations in a world driven by consumerism.Also set to reprise their performances is Robert Fitch as Frank Strang/Horse, Keith Gilmore as Harry Dalton/Nurse/Horse, Norah Lopez Holden as Jill Mason/Horse and Ira Mandela Siobhan as Young Horseman/Nugget, with further casting to be announced.The creative team includes Georgia Lowe (designer), Jessica Hung Han Yun (lighting designer), Giles Thomas (composer and sound designer) and Shelley Maxwell (choreographer and movement director).The most recent West End revival of Equus, in 2007, was directed by Thea Sharrock and starred Daniel Radcliffe as Alan Strang and Richard Griffiths as Martin Dysart. That production transferred to Broadway. Ethan Kai in “Equus”(Photo: The Other Richard) View Commentslast_img read more

Prairie Village residents encounter burglars trying to break into homes

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My Pathway to Dual AVIXA Certification (CTS-D, CTS-I)

first_imgBy Rakesh Kumar Mangal, CTS-D, CTS-I, EAVAI am writing this article to collectively respond to various questions and queries I receive on LinkedIn and various other platforms related to AVIXA CTS Certifications. Before starting any further, you should create a login on the AVIXA website if you have not done so already.How did I come across AVIXA’s CTS certification?The AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification has been available to AV professionals for a long time. This certification was developed by AVIXA (formerly known as InfoComm) and a group of subject matter experts working in the industry. I came to know about the CTS program in 2012, while working as a project manager – AV solution. It was a bit late in my career. I reviewed the CTS candidate handbook and the Job Task Analysis (JTA). Although I was able to understand most of the content, it seemed a little overwhelming at that point in time. So, I tried to find training that would help me better understand the content. I first created an account on the AVIXA website and tried to gain as much information as possible. In 2015, the regional AVIXA staff helped me find required study material and informed me about the availability of in-class training in New Delhi. I enrolled immediately and completed my certification within one month from the class training. Following my CTS exam, I did self-study for the Certified Technology Specialist – Installation (CTS-I) and Certified Technology Specialist – Design (CTS-D), which I completed in 2017 and 2019 respectively.What should my starting point be to earn the AVIXA CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D credentials?There is no one training or book which can claim that CTS certifications are based on them completely. However, the CTS Exam Guide, third edition, is the best starting point to gain theoretical knowledge. Do not be afraid as AVIXA offers learning material and training which help candidates prepare for the exam. I will explain them in the next sections. All CTS certification designations are solely based on a Job Task Analysis (JTA). These are published by AVIXA on their website and updated every five years to meet accreditation requirements, as they reflect current industry trends and requirements of the job function’s associated skills. The JTA can be found on AVIXA’s website in the certification sections. Following are the links for the current JTA (as of April 2020):CTS JTACTS-I JTACTS-D JTANote: Consider 30-60 minutes level of effort to review JTA and make yourselfcomfortable with it. You are not required to remember all of this but shouldfamiliarize yourself with it.In addition to JTA, one should also go through the candidate handbook to knowall pre-requisites, fees, testing patterns etc. associated with each CTSdesignation. Candidate handbooks are also published on the AVIXA website:AVIXA CTS Candidate HandbookAVIXA CTS-I Candidate HandbookAVIXA CTS-D Candidate HandbookAs mentioned above, 30-60 minutes of handbook review will give you knowledge of the application process and pre-requites for CTS designations. CTS certifications can be earned by anyone, AV career beginners as well as those with experience in AV. It does not require any pre-experience. However, CTS-I and CTS-D are advanced levels of certification which require you to have earned the CTS – General in good standing and a minimum of two years of experience in Installation or Design respectively. Candidate handbooks are single source of truth for most of the information related to exam.Now that I am familiar with JTA and the CTS handbook: What training and study material should I access?AVIXA Online Training: AVIXA provides two types of online training for CTS candidates.Self-paced courses: AVIXA offers self-paced online courses for all CTS designations, such as the CTS Prep Online course. You can enroll on AVIXA’s online training portal and take them at your own pace. Apart from formal CTS designated courses, there are additional courses such as online project management and AV math course which are useful when preparing for CTS exams.Online Training: Avixa also conducts online instructor-led training that you can utilize.CTS Exam Guide: The CTS Exam Guide published by McGraw Hill is the official study book to prepare for your CTS. It is available through major booksellers. I bought mine from Amazon.AVIXA Virtual workshops/trainings: Due to the global pandemic, all on-site trainings have been put on hold until further notice. Look out for AVIXA offering virtual classroom training and workshops instead. The virtual training schedule can be found on AVIXA’s events page. Training time depends on the workshop in your region and country, normally vary from three-nine days. Nine Days are specific to advanced levels of certifications. Additionally, you may require 30-60 days of study/preparation time based on your comfort level with concepts covered in the JTA.How did I prepare for my CTS exams?I have taken a different approach with each exam, however there was one common starting point — reviewing the JTA and candidate handbook in the beginning.For the CTS-General, I became an AVIXA member and enrolled in a three-day classroom training. This training helped clear my doubts and ambiguity around various concepts. I also studied the content from the CTS Exam Guide. Midway through my preparation, I booked the exam date as a means of motivation. After I passed the exam, I received a congratulatory email from my local AVIXA rep. the following day.For the CTS-I, I was a bit more confident on my study level, so I started with the CTS-I Exam Guide. Again, I booked my exam date midway through preparation. On the scheduled day, I attempted and failed the exam, which was a shocking moment for me. However, I was able to get a report on what skills I was lacking. So, I immediately got back to work and started preparing again. I applied for a retest application after 30 days, tested and … wow! I became one of the few ones in my region to hold CTS-I credential!For the CTS-D, I started with the JTA and realized its focus on maths, as this is required to make critical design decisions. So I took a few webinars on AV Math, and completed the AVIXA AV math for design online course. In the meantime, I continued with my self-study through the CTS-D Exam Guide and took one of the self-paced online courses. Midway through my study, I booked the exam and passed on my first attempt.See related  Rants and rAVes — Episode 1021: Why You Need to Register for Next Week’s AVIXA + DSF D=SIGN EventOne thing I learned from my AVIXA CTS course instructor is that you should not be disheartened by any failure. Failures are the foundation for greater success, not only for exam but for your life. Failures will teach you where you lack, what you could do better. With my CTS-I failure I applied the same logic and was able to pass in my retest. By the way, retests are cheaper than the exam!What motivated me to achieve all three CTS designations?The AVIXA CTS credential is a great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd of AV professionals. Studying for the AVIXA CTS exam helps you learn the tools and techniques to provide an exceptional experience to your customer (internal or external) in real life. Instead of working on assumptions, you start making data-driven decisions that are good for you as an individual and for your organization. Data-driven decisions help you provide better customer experience with available resources and take the right approach to fulfill customer needs.The AVIXA CTS certification is also a great tool for professional growth, as it provides you a stand to gain and test expertise in AV. Expertise in AV will help you progress in career and achieve your career aspirations.I am a CTS Holder. Do I need to advance my designation to CTS-I or CTS-D?Officially you are not required to upgrade your CTS designation. You can focus on continuous learning, as you must earn 30 RUs every three years, so you can renew your certification. However, earning a CTS-D or CTS-I comes with added advantages. With advancement to a specialty certification, you gain advanced knowledge which will serve as a tool to provide better customer experience and for your career progression. Additionally, if you earn a specialty certification your CTS will be renewed automatically, as CTS-I and CTS-D are part of continuous learning.Now that I am a CTS holder: How long is the CTS valid and how do I get them renewed?All CTS designations come with a three-year expiration, as the industry changes rapidly during this time and this three-year expiration motivates you to focus on continuous education and learning. There are a couple of ways to get your CTS renewed:Focus on continuous learning and do courses approved for CTS renewal units. You need 30 RUs in three years for renewal.There are AVIXA Courses – Available on AVIXA’s training portal.CTS RU approved courses by external providers – List is available on the AVIXA website.RUs by volunteer work – be an AVIXA Volunteer and spend time for the betterment of the industry to get additional RU’s.Renewal units are a motivation to focus on continuous learning and education to keep you updated with the industry and changing trends.You mention about volunteer work. I want to contribute to the AV Industry. Where should I start?That’s great, you can look for volunteering options on the AVIXA website. There are various ways to contribute. You can choose the best one based on your interest and available time. If you need any help, you can contact your local AVIXA Rep or me for any assistance.I have more questions, how should I reach you?The best way to connect with me is via LinkedIn. Send a connection request on LinkedIn and drop me a PM. I will get back to you in 48-72 hours (a bit more time based on the complexity of the query and my availability).last_img read more


first_imgBriefs Briefs More than 1,200lawyers, judges, and students representing every law school in Florida gathered at the Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah October 21 for the Third Annual Minority Mentoring Picnic. After a sunny day packed with volleyball, delicious food – including a roast pig – and good conversation, the students left with the names of lawyers willing to be their mentors, as well as leads on job opportunities.The Florida Supreme Court Historical Society recently published its second book, The Supreme Court of Florida 1917 – 1972. This is Volume II in the society’s series on the history of the court. Society President Herman Russomanno presented the first copy of the new book to Judge Richard W. Ervin III, son of the late Justice Richard Ervin – who is prominently featured in the book. Walter W. Manley II, one of the book’s co-authors along with Mark Hulsey and Robert M. Ervin–both of whom have been greatly involved in the history project–was also present. The 441-page, hard cover volume may be ordered for $65. A package deal for both Volumes I and II may be ordered for $115. For more information contact the FSCHS at (850) 222-3703 or via e-mail at November 15, 2006 Regular Newslast_img read more

Fees and costs hiked to offset some court cuts

first_img June 1, 2008 Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Regular News Fees and costs hiked to offset some court cuts Senior EditorIt has dozens of pages, multiple charts at the end, and enough of the standard strike-through language and underlined new verbiage to cross the average reader’s eyes.But what might look like just another dry legislative enactment — titled CS/SB 1790 — will impact many if not most lawyers in Florida as well as have long-range impacts on the funding of the court system.Among other things, the bill, pending before Gov. Charlie Crist as this News went to press, raises dozens of filing fees and court costs, which in turn helped make up a shortfall in state funding for the judicial branch and for the Department of Corrections.It also made several other changes, notably switching the payment of jurors and witnesses from the courts to the clerks of courts (who got a resultant increase in their fees they are allowed to keep to offset the extra expense).Perhaps the most notable fee increases, according to Fred Baggett, the Tallahassee private attorney who is also general counsel for the Florida Association of Court Clerks, is an increase in the civil filing fee from $250 to $295, and an increase in the filing fee to evict a tenant from $70 to $295. In addition, defendants who include a counterclaim in their response will have to pay another $295 filing fee, as will those making third-party pleadings.From the perspective of the courts — and state attorneys and public defenders — the most notable aspect of the bill is the money it raises. According to figures from the Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee, CS/SB 1790 is projected to raise $121.1 million that will go to the state’s general revenue fund and another $14.9 million will go to various trust funds.Of the new general revenue funds, about $75 million was allocated to the courts, state attorneys, public defenders, and related agencies.For the $14.9 million in trust funds, $8 million was set aside for the courts’ mediation programs. Under the existing court fee structure, $1 from each civil suit filing fee was set aside for mediation, which beginning July 1 with the new fee system, $16 of each $295 filing fee will be sent to the mediation trust fund.A new mandatory cost of prosecution — $50 for every misdemeanor case and $100 for every felony case — is expected to raise $3.6 million, with 100 percent of that going to a trust fund for state attorneys. (Prosecutors can seek and judges can grant a higher amount.) There’s a similar defense cost to be imposed on behalf of public defenders, but they get 25 percent of that in a trust fund, with the remainder going to the general revenue fund. The bill also raises the $40 application fee for those seeking a public defender to $50, and that is expected to raise another $1.5 million in trust funds for public defenders.There is also a new $50 application fee for indigent parents who seek an appointed attorney in a dependency action. That fee is expected to raise around $800,000, which is going into a trust fund for the new Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsels.Baggett said the genesis of CS/SB 1790 came actually last year in a required report from the Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation, an entity which is charged with overseeing how court fees and costs are collected and distributed. That report noted that an increase in court fees could be justified and that would raise $62 million. In what was expected to be a good budget year, that report received no action in the legislature.But this year, after two rounds of budget cuts to the 2007–08 budget and with even less money available for the 2008-09 budget, lawmakers saw the report as a way to get money for the badly strained court system, related agencies, and even for corrections. After tweaking the various fees and costs, the bill is expected to raise the combined $136 million in general revenues and trust funds.As welcome as the new monies are, CS/SB 1790 did not solve the critical budget problems for the courts, state attorneys, public defenders, and others.According to the committee figures, the new revenues will not quite replace the loss of other general revenue funds to the courts and related agencies. Without the bill, the court system had faced a $17.9 million reduction in general revenues. After the bill passed, that was reduced to $6.9 million, or 1.6 percent less than it ended with in the 2007-08 fiscal year. (In the two rounds of budget cuts in 2007-08, the courts had $24 million in general revenues cut.) Including the two rounds of budget cuts made during that year, court officials say that amounts to about 6.7 percent less from recurring general revenue and trust funds for 2008-09 than they began the 2007-08 year with, with the expected result of cutting court employees by 250 positions. While some of those are vacant, court officials have said layoffs are inevitable. (See story on Page 1 of this News. )Likewise for state attorneys, the committee figures show that prior to CS/SB 1790, they were facing a 4.3 percent cut, or $14.4 million. With the bill, that is reduced to 0.6 percent. Public defenders were looking at a $7.2 million cut in general revenues, or 4.2 percent, and that’s been shrunk to $1.2 million or 0.6 percent with CS/SB 1790. (State attorneys and public defenders have expressed some skepticism on whether they will get all the money, particularly in trust funds, projected from the bill. See story in the May 15 Bar News. )To generate new funds, CS/SB 1790 raised fees and costs on a wide variety of court-related activities, including recording official documents, various filing fees, probate-related fees, costs related to criminal prosecutions, fines and costs for driving or boating while intoxicated. A chart following this story details the changes, effective July 1.More than raise court fees and costs, the bill also:• Transferred from the courts to court clerks the responsibility for paying juror and witnesses, along with giving them additional fiscal authority to raise the money to pay those bills.• Raised the salaries of the five Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel from $80,000 to $100,000. Under state law, they could not hire any assistants at a higher salary than they earned, and the $80,000 limit made it difficult to hire assistants to handle death penalty cases, where the attorneys must meet high standards of experience and training.• Allowed the CCCRCs to hire part-time assistants who also maintain a private criminal practice. Under current law, public defenders can hire part-time defenders, usually in rural counties, but those attorneys are prohibited from having other private criminal defense work.• Provided that county court judges serving on temporary assignment as circuit judges will no longer receive circuit judge pay• Reduced the number of judges on the Third District Court of Appeal by one, which had been recommended by the Supreme Court.(None of the 61 new circuit and county court judgeships certified as needed this year by the Supreme Court was approved.) Fees and costs hiked to offset some court cutslast_img read more

Insulin resistance increases risk for Alzheimer’s disease, study finds

first_imgThe fact that obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers is well known. But a new Iowa State University study adds to the growing evidence that memory loss should also be a top concern.The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology, found a strong association between insulin resistance and memory function decline, increasing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Auriel Willette, a research scientist in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State, says insulin resistance is common in people who are obese, pre-diabetic or have Type 2 diabetes.Willette and co-author Barbara Bendlin, with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute, examined brain scans in 150 late middle-aged adults, who were at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, but showed no sign of memory loss. The scans detected if people with higher levels of insulin resistance used less blood sugar in areas of the brain most susceptible to Alzheimer’s. When that happens, the brain has less energy to relay information and function, Willette said. Pinterest “If you don’t have as much fuel, you’re not going to be as adept at remembering something or doing something,” he said. “This is important with Alzheimer’s disease, because over the course of the disease there is a progressive decrease in the amount of blood sugar used in certain brain regions. Those regions end up using less and less.”Willette’s work focused on the medial temporal lobe, specifically the hippocampus – a critical region of the brain for learning new things and sending information to long-term memory. It is also one of the areas of the brain that first show massive atrophy or shrinkage due to Alzheimer’s disease, Willette said.Cognitive decline can have immediate impactThis is the first study to look at insulin resistance in late middle-aged people (average age was 60), identify a pattern of decreased blood sugar use related to Alzheimer’s and link that to memory decline, Willette said. Participants were recruited through the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention study, an ongoing study that examines genetic, biological and lifestyle factors that contribute to dementia.The link between insulin resistance and Alzheimer’s disease is important for prevention, but the risk is much more immediate, Willette said. Problems regulating blood sugar may impact cognitive function at any age. Testing for insulin resistance in obese patients and taking corrective action, through improved nutrition and moderate exercise, is a crucial first step, he said.“We are terrible at adjusting our behavior based on what might happen in the future,” Willette said. “That’s why people need to know that insulin resistance or related problems with metabolism can have an effect in the here and now on how they think, and it’s important to treat. For Alzheimer’s, it’s not just people with Type 2 diabetes. Even people with mild or moderate insulin resistance who don’t have Type 2 diabetes might have an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease because they’re showing many of the same sorts of brain and memory relationships.”Understanding the progression of cognitive decline will take additional research. Willette says following those who are at-risk through the different stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s will offer insight as to what happens as their cognitive function declines. Email Share on Twittercenter_img Share on Facebook LinkedIn Sharelast_img read more

Why tiny Belize is a world leader in protecting the ocean

first_img But not all encounters are as friendly for the rangers from the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (Tide), whose job includes enforcing the managed access (MA) programme that since 2016 has given traditional fishers the rights to secured grounds if they obtain licences and report their catch. Illegal fishing has declined, says Halliday, but at night there are illicit incursions from Guatemala and high-speed chases around the reserve’s 500-square miles of pristine sea – a vast space to monitor for just four rangers alternating shifts at their station on Abalone Caye. Read more at: The Guardian Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… (The Guardian) Across the turquoise water by the mangrove, ranger Allan Halliday spots a fishing skiff. “We’re going over to say hello,” he says, before abruptly changing the boat’s direction. But his real task is to check the couple on board have the licence to fish in this part of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, one of nine designated zones in Belize. “We aren’t complaining but others do,” says Alonzo Reymundo, of the rules that now restrict Belize’s 3,000 commercial fishers to two geographic areas each. He and his wife Anselma have been fishing off southern Toledo for 30 years and their boat is laden with 50 or so pounds of shrimp – more than enough, he says, flashing his licence. Today’s catch will be sold as bait and fetch around 330BZ$ (£135), he says. Aug 6, 2019 OPINION: Going with the Wind: Transition to Clean Energy in… Jul 23, 2019 Revitalising sponging – a key industry in The Bahamas Nov 7, 2019 CARICOM must ensure high seas remain healthy, protected… Jul 25, 2019 Jamaica to host Regional Sargassum Forum Fish stocks are stable and reef health improving, in part thanks to Belize’s substantial ‘no-take’ zones. Now greater legislation is needed to secure progress You may be interested in… Anna Ramirez wins Belize’s Punta Fuego Outstanding Fisher Award 2015Since she was seven years old, Anna Ramirez, now 63, has been fishing with her family off the coast of Belize’s southernmost district – Toledo, but her gender has not stopped her from working just as hard as the men do while at sea. Her most challenging moments have involved…July 1, 2015In “Belize”Fisheries Ministers of CARICOM, Central America join forces to promote ocean-based economic growthBELIZE CITY, FRIDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2019 (CRFM)—After several hours of deliberation at their Second Joint Meeting held in Belize on Wednesday, 2 October 2019, Fisheries Ministers from Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and the Organisation for Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Central American Isthmus (OSPESCA) inked…October 7, 2019In “Agriculture”UNGA_ – Statement by Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred ElringtonMadame President Heads of State and Delegations Distinguished Ministers Excellencies At the outset I wish to express the sympathies of the Government and people of Belize with the Government and people of Indonesia in view of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which killed over 400 persons. At the same, I…September 30, 2018In “Belize”Share this on WhatsApplast_img read more

Bosch Rexroth’s Mike Bryan Named Trainer Of The Year By The German American Chambers Of Commerce

first_imgAs part of Bosch and Bosch Rexroth’s investment in developing the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills of the next generation, the Fountain Inn two-year apprenticeship program, which Bryan oversees, allows engineering students to earn valuable on-the-job training and experience. The program consists of a fabrication shop, machine shop, sign shop and engineering co-op programs. Through a partnership with Greenville Technical College, apprentices work at Rexroth’s Fountain Inn facility and attend classes to gain advanced manufacturing skills. Upon completion of the program, students earn an apprenticeship certificate, opening up further avenues for professional development, including, for some, employment at Bosch. FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. – Mike Bryan, training specialist at the Bosch Rexroth Fountain Inn Manufacturing Facility, was named Trainer of the Year by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC). The GACC Award recognizes outstanding German subsidiaries that demonstrate excellence in workforce training by fostering advanced skills and competence development, especially in young people. This year’s award was presented to Bryan on Dec. 16, 2013, in New York City, in recognition of his involvement with the company’s apprenticeship program.  AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisementcenter_img In 2008, Bryan transferred to Rexroth’s Fountain Inn facility from the Bosch facility in nearby Charleston, S.C., to implement the new apprenticeship program. To date, 769 apprentices have been trained by Bryan during his 32 years of experience in apprenticeship development. Bryan has been at Bosch for a total of 36 years.last_img read more